We are dedicated to providing the best possible products that meet your horse’s needs. Nothing makes us more proud than a satisfied customer. Read what our customers have to say about us:


“As of now, all the horses have transitioned from turnout to stalling. The (young) horses that may have lost some weight during pasture board are being fed Equsana body boost as well as Energy Plus, according to their needs.”


“Equsana’s comprehensive product line  makes it easy to find the correct feed that meets the specific need of an individual horse.”


“Bajano has had an easy transition to his new feed (Compete), which he ingests with pleasure – even when he was confined to a competition stall for the first time. During the feeding transition, we decided to feed him additional Energy Plus to ensure he maintained his energy at competition. He had plenty of energy throughout the entire competition.”

“The Equsana Collection is providing new, cool items at favorable prices.”


“We have found that Premium Vit and Hoof Growth promote healthy hooves improving the quality of horn particularly in horses with brittle horn quality and cracks. One of our horses has been off for a prolonged period due to a severe hoof crack. This horse has now fully recovered after treatment, his coats shines and he has made his return to top level competition thanks to a dual combination of Premium Vit and Hoof Growth as well as proper farrier care.

We strongly recommend Equsana Premium Vit and Equsana Hoof Growth to promote healthy hooves.”

Dyrlaege“Body Boost is over the top when it comes to gaining muscles.”


“Thank you for the awesome Equsana blanket. My pony is truly thriving on Equsana feed. (Winner of Land og Fritid cup on Fyn with a score of 76,522%.).”