Health is the keyword to your horse

Equsana is the leading horse feed manufacturer in Denmark and can be translated to ‘healthy horse’ in Latin and particularly horse health is one of the keystones behind Equsana.

Since Equsana was introduced by DLG in 2012 as their complete brand, the product line has become yet even more comprehensive and adjusted to meet the specific needs of your horse at all times.

It’s still our main priority to be able to offer reasonably priced quality products to a variety of horse people. This necessitates a constant innovation of the product line as well as quality products that enable horse welfare and provide the best possible convenient solutions for the busy horse owner.

With a comprehensive range of products featuring more than 150 Equsana products involving feeds-, supplements-, care- tack- and bedding products, Equsana always strives to become among the leading brands on the market of horse products.

We look forward to welcoming you and your horses.

About DLG

The DLG group is one of the largest agricultural companies in Europe with more than 40 subsidiaries in more than 20 countries. Currently, co-owned by Danish farmers, The DLG group is one of the largest agricultural suppliers of agricultural products for farmers, consultance and trade.

The DLG group’s main business areas are farm supplies vitamin and minerals and service and energy. The three areas comprise 95% of the gross sales of 59,2 billions Danish kroner in 2014. The DLG group has more than 7500 employees of whom 3000 are located in Denmark. The majority of the gross sales comes from Denmark and Germany.

Since 2012, when Equsana was introduced by DLG as their complete equine feed brand, we strive to be on top of the market advancing and adjusting our comprehensive product line.